At XDS Data Ghana Limited, we take pride in going the extra mile in satisfying our customers. We leverage on relationships and partnerships both locally and internationally to create added value services to our clients.

Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation - GLEIF

In the global ecosystem of doing business, it is imperative to mitigate risk.

The basic way of mitigating risk is to know who you are in business with, and answering the basic questions of Who is Who? and Who Owns Whom?. Trust becomes the bedrock of the business relationship.

XDS Data Ghana Limited has gone into a partnership arrangement with the GLEIF network through a Local Operating Unit (LOU) out of Germany, WMDaten Service.

GLEIF - ISO 17442 international standard

Principles underlying the LEI:

It is a global standard.
A single, unique identifier is assigned to each legal entity.
It is supported by high data quality.

Core Values

Ease of International Trade
Engenders Trust in a business relationship
Needed in international financial transactions, ensuring sanctity in transactions

Work With Us

Who Requires an LEI?

All business - SME's will derive most benefit from LEI services

Heavy discount for registration on the GLEIF network with XDS Data via WM Daten Service. to commence processes.

Letters of Credit.

We have an array of carefully sourced financial institutions with low rates to facilitate this product, geared towards the Ghanaian business entity. Our financial institutions are tailored for specific types of trade financing elements.

Through our partners, Yield4Finance (Certified ISO 9001:2015), there are four international financial institutions for the following:

Standby letters of credit
Bank guarantees
Bank guarantees

Our external partners select the best fit institution for peculiar types of letters of credit. The service renders obsolete the physical transaction of business between entities as there is no travel required to facilitate payment between parties.

On offer are on demand trade finance instruments which includes but not limited to Proof of Funds (POF) and Ready-willing and Able (RWA) messages on behalf of our clients. to commence processes.