About us.

XDSDATA is Ghana's No 1 credit reference bureau based in Accra. The company was set up to assist lenders in the critical areas of their lending operations.

We are committed to providing world class credit bureau services through the provision of timely and reliable credit information uniquely designed to suit to the needs of both developed and emerging economies.

Leveraging the power of data to help lenders in critical areas of lending operations.

As pioneers in the credit bureau business, XDSDATA was instrumental in sensitizing financial institutions by inculcating a mindset around the use of data in credit analytics and decisioning.


Build and maintain a highly developed credit database as a foundation for accelerated credit market development.


Promote equal access to credit for economic empowerment and sensitize borrowers on the benefits of having a good credit history.


We have a team of specialists with many years of experience in data management and credit solutions.

Data Sources

Our database contains the latest credit history and demographic information on consumers and enterprises

Meet the Managing Director of XDS Data Ghana Limited

George K. Ahiafor
Mr. Ahiafor has over 20 years' experience in the banking industry sector in the United States of America and Africa. He was the Area Manager for Treasury Operations at Standard Chartered Bank Ghana, responsible for the West African region from February 1999 through to February 2003. In his capacity, he restructured all the treasury operation units in the region.

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